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The association of female white collar and tax crime lawyers

Our Association, our Mission and Vision

JuWist e.V. is an open network designed to foster professional discourse between professionals of all genders with focus on women and legal topics, and a strong emphasis on white collar and tax crime. We strive for equal opportunities for women and men in business.

Our mission is to advance equal opportunities for both men and women, particularly with regard to balancing work and family demands and equal career opportunities. Our aim is also to promote research and curricula in the field of economic and tax crime.

Further information on JuWiSt e.V. is available in our Statutes (German only).

Our Motivation

We aim to be different from other networks who are focusing on professional exchange only, and instead strive to also address gender-specific, i.e. female, topics. In this context, we avail mutual support particularly through dialogue and exchange among members and others. We want to increase visibility of our great young female legal professionals on the job market. Our board is always available for new impulses, questions and concerns. For young female legal professionals, we will offer a mentoring program that is currently under establishment.

Our Mission

We strive to foster dialogue on potential improvements independent from cliché and bias. We want to support female legal professionals on all levels and in all branches of industry and administration, particularly in the field of white collar and tax crime, in a goal-oriented manner. 

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